Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems

Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems

Autonomous and robotic vehicles are the future of marine science. The ability to explore the most extreme oceanic environments including the ocean depths without the need for human operation allows scientists to explore the oceans in ways that were previously not possible.

The NOC is leading the way in showing how marine autonomy can benefit the advancement of oceanographic research, as well as facilitating and supporting the production of new scientific robotic vehicles and instrumentation, which is eye-catching, high-tech and state-of-the art.

Our scientists and engineers are constantly developing new and innovative technologies to explore a range of oceanic parameters to use for multi-disciplinary research projects. A range of marine autonomous and robotic vehicles are available to hire for scientific research via the National Marine Equipment Pool.


Location of our vehicles

Find out where our vehicles are and the projects they are involved in by visiting our Vehicle Tracker. Regular updates allow you to track the progression of our vehicles and research expeditions.


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